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Patrol Roster

In the patrol for the following season, we have tried to keep the number of patrol hours a low as we could so we can focus on training our members in as many awards as possible.  This way in the future  we have the skills and experience on the patrols so that as we gain new members we will be able to make more patrols, which will mean less hours each patrol member has to do.  If you have any concerns about the patrol roster or about the club talk to your patrol captain or the Club Captain and we will see what we can do.

Below is some information for patrol members to read through for the coming season:

Patrol substitutes

One of the great aspects of Surf Life Saving is that it is a team based community service activity. As a member of this
team you have volunteered your services to protect the surfing public as well as be responsible for attending your
rostered patrols.
We understand that not everyone is available to patrol on the dates that they have been allocated due to family
commitments, work obligations, holidays and illness. However due to the nature and make up of the patrol teams each
individual serves a specific purpose within the team and the absence of members can cause strain on resources during
hectic periods and rescue situations.
To keep patrols at their full strength we ask that if you are unavailable to patrol that you organise a suitable substitute
to cover your absence. Below are some useful tips when initiating a patrol swap.
1. Give at least a couple days’ notice if possible, preferably 1 weeks’ notice.
2. When searching for a substitute look for a person who is rostered during a time which is convenient for you to swap.
3. Be reliable - If someone has swapped for you, make sure you return the favour.
4. Notify your patrol captain of the swap.
5. Swap with a member of equivalent award status. An IRB Driver swapping with a Surf Rescue Certificate holder simply will not work.
6. If you cannot find a substitute (that means that you have actually searched without success) contact the Club Captain and he will endeavour to help you find someone to fill the shortage.

Patrol equipment

At the conclusion of the day all equipment is to be washed down and stored neatly in its designated spot ready for the next patrol or an emergency. IRB’s should be refuelled and be free from equipment stored on top or within them (eg. rescue boards). In the event of an emergency it is critical that rescuers are provided with easy access and a speedy response time to the situation at hand.
All broken and/or faulty equipment which has been noticed or which has occurred during patrol should be recorded in the patrol log book on the reverse side of the patrol form under “Gear and Equipment”. It is vital that this equipment is removed from service and repaired as soon as possible.


All active lifesavers are required to complete a proficiency test to prove competency in the lifesaving award/s they hold. Proficiency tests are necessary because they:
Ensure the ongoing competency of members in their area of training and activities
Maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of surf life savers
Fulfil occupational health & safety, legal & statutory requirements
Reinforce and maintain our service commitment to the bathing and beach going community


Members wishing to extend their knowledge and gain further qualifications within surf lifesaving are encouraged to do so. Any members interested in the following awards are asked to place their name in the course inquiry log kept near the patrol log books within the clubhouse. When numbers are sufficient a course will be organised. Courses offered are:



If for any reason you have any further questions please feel free to contact the Club.


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