Sussex Inlet Surf Lifesaving Club

The Sussex Inlet and Districts Surf Life Saving Club was formed at a meeting held on the 10th May, 1981, with Alf Collier being elected as the first President of the Club. Cudmirrah Beach was officially opened as a patrolled beach on the 20th December, 1981. Prior to the present Clubhouse being built the Patrols operated from an old caravan then a shipping container”

The existing Clubhouse became fully operable in 1988. The beach is 3km long extending to the southwest from the 60m high sandstone headland and rocks at Sussex Inlet to the lee of the reef and sand salient on the north side of Swan Lake.

The beach is backed by active sand dunes including several large blowouts extending a few hundred meters inland and to heights of 30m. The only car access is the car park behind the surf club, which is situated high on the northern end of the beach.

Its tower gives an excellent view of the beach. The entire beach faces straight into the southeast swell and has an exposed surf zone. To the south slight protection in lee of the reef reduces wave height.

The objects of the Club are to,

  • Study and practice the methods of surf life saving as taught by Surf Life Saving Australia.
  • Prevent loss of life by providing efficient beach patrols, rescue service and life saving apparatus.
  • Promote demonstrations and to arrange classes of instruction.
  • Obtain improved facilities for surfing.
  • Participate & pursue the highest standard in competition in accordance with the rules of Surf Life Saving Australia.
  • Encourage and promote the physical and social welfare of its Members.
  • Enforce observation of the Rules and By-laws of the Club and deal with any infringement of them.

At the Club other things we do:

  • Provide advice on latest beach and coastal safety standards and procedures as defined by Surf Life Saving Australia.
  • Advocate for the Local Community and patrons for facilities and infrastructure at our beaches.
  • Annual State wide Open Day
  • Clean up Days – separate to Clean up Australia Day
  • Club Championships
  • Family Fun Day
  • Have Canteen services Sunday at a small cost.
  • Hall hire at competitive rates.
  • Parents of Nippers had a basic Resuscitation and Water Safety Class free of charge  – to keep our Nippers and their families safe.