The suc­cess and com­mu­nity spirit of our Nippers is only achieved through the active involvement of Nipper parents and other club members who volunteer their time to make Nippers a success.  We encourage all parents to get involved. You don’t need to have particular skills – just a positive attitude and a willingness to help out!

Here are some of the ways that parents can contribute:

Sunday morning Nippers Work Party
Twice in the season each age group will be nominated a particular week to be part of the Sunday morning Nippers work party. The tasks of the work party are very straightforward and include:
– Helping to set up the nippers beach area and theory sessions
– Completing the final pack-up after Nippers (wash down equipment, inspect equipment for damages)

Age Managers
Age managers deliver Sunday Nippers activities in accordance with SLSA and SLS NSW Junior Development guidelines. The age managing role works best when there is a team of 2-3 parents who can provide guidance and actively help out each week. Age Managers are required to complete a short online course.

Water safety personnel
During Sunday Nippers, at training and during carnivals, Sussex Inlet and Districts SLSC is required to provide a minimum ratio of water safety personnel. Water safety personnel must have a current Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and complete an annual skills maintenance update. Without sufficient numbers of water safety personnel, the water activities of Nippers are limited – so please consider doing the training and getting involved! Just email info@sussexinletslsc.com.au and we will find a course for you.

Nippers Volunteers Group
The Nippers Volunteers Group plans and manages the delivery of Nippers activities throughout the season. Meetings are held one evening a month throughout the season. If you would like to contribute please contact the club at info@sussexinletslsc.com.au

Throughout the season we actively raise funds that are used to purchase new Nipper equipment. Activities include raffles, Bunnings BBQ day. If you have an idea or would like to run a particular fund-raising activity please let a committee member know.

Our Nippers program is inclusive of children and youth with special needs
The Nippers program provides children and youth with special needs to become involved in Sussex Inlet and Districts Surf Club. It is a great activity and provides lots of fun and satisfaction to the participants as well as the adults supporting them.